KONČAR - Medium Voltage Apparatus Inc. last update 10.01.2010.
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Type EMP-20


for medium voltage disconnectors & disconnector switches, for indoor installation

Electric motor drive type EMP-20 is designed for remote control of disconnectors up to 38 kV and disconnector switches up to 24 kV. Motor drive is designed for indoor installation in classic air-insulated cells and switchgear. Motor drive is to be mounted at front side of operating panel, and fixed at the lateral side. The holders of the drive must give required rigidness of the cubicle, in order to prevent flexion and enable correct operation of the drive. Connection between the apparatus and electric motor drive is performed by connecting rod, rotating lever and straight or curved tholes. Details regarding installation and setup are available in User’s manual, which is delivered with drive.

Internal transmission elements of the drive are placed in aluminum alloy housing. The design of the housing enables use in every type of medium voltage switchgear. In case of secondary supply failure manual operation is possible.



Operation times3,5
Output angle°94
WeightkgCa 20