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VS Series



Contactor is mechanical switching device having only one position of rest, operated otherwise than by hand, capable of making, carrying and breaking currents under normal circuit conditions including operating overload conditions. Electromagnetic contactor is a contactor in which the force for closing or opening the main contacts is provided by an electro-magnet.

VS Series vacuum contactors are characterized by:
  • Compactness
  • Reliability
  • Environmental compatibility
  • Simplicity
Vacuum contactor is suitable for switching of threephase devices such as electric slip-ring and squirrelcage motors, transformers and capacitor banks. Vacuum contactor series VS is designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with IEC 62271-106.



Rated voltagekV7,2
Rated operational voltagekV6,6
Rated impuls withstand voltagekV60
Rated frequencyHz50; 60
Rated currentA450
Rated short time current, 1 sec.A8800
Short time withstand current, 0,1 sec. RMSkA16
Peak withstand current, 0,01 sec.kA65
Rated making capacity (AC4)A3600
Rated breaking capacity, cosφ=0,35 (AC4)A4500
Maximal breaking capacityA6300